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During his division’s rotation, Zechariah is chosen by lot to enter the temple and burn incense. Morning and evening, the priests fed this altar. Considering Zechariah’s age, this was a once-in-a-lifetime event. By lot. Nothing is by chance, luck, or coincidence with God.

Gabriel appears standing on the right side of the altar of incense—the place of authority and favor, giving Zechariah a message. (Remember Luke 1:19).

How does Zechariah react?

Zechariah is troubled. The word here is slightly different from the one used for Mary. Trouble here indicates there’s movement in what needs to be still. Zechariah’s insides are quivering.

Look closely at Gabriel’s message.

  • God is telling you not to be afraid of what?

  • What needs to be still in you this week?

  • What prayer are you longing for, needing, God to hear?

  • Listen to Gabriel’s declaration. Your prayers have been heard.

  • Ask God what he wants you to do while waiting for the answer.

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