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Thursday April 14th

—Read Luke 22:14 ESV

And when the hour came, he reclined at the table, and the apostles with him.

When the hour came…

Jesus is reclining at the table with his friends, even with his betrayer. He is NOT panicked. Afraid. Angry. Confused. Indifferent. Bitter. Or busy.

Since the opening chapter of Genesis, before the elemental foundations settled, Jesus has been moving toward this hour of redemption. But it will be a hard hour, so excruciating that in just a short time among the olive presses in Gethsemane, he will sweat drops of blood. And yet, Jesus is at rest. He is at peace. Just like when he slept on a cushion in a boat during a storm (Mark 4:37-39).

Why? How?

Because Jesus knew where he came from, and he knew where he was going (John 13: 3).

· Are you able to recline at the table?

· Are you at rest, at peace?

· Why or why not?

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