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Sunday—Read Psalm 23 (ESV) 11-21-2021

David’s psalm is one of the most recognized, beloved, recited, and memorized passages in the Bible; please do not dismiss this reading because of familiarity.

Last week in our Morning Dew posts, we considered God’s rest. Psalm 23 is the epitome of how this rest manifests—trusting God. David’s song is an invitation to exchange our striving and the unsettledness in our souls for trusting and abiding in the goodness and steadfast love of the Shepherd. As you read this week, note that the psalm is not about the sheep; this song is about the Shepherd. Please accept God’s invitation because we are entering a season that can sometimes be anything but restful.

Abba Father, please help us to see this psalm from a new perspective. Show us how to visit it with fresh eyes. We are grateful to be in your flock under your care, for we are all like sheep that have gone astray. We forget where the green pastures are; we can’t find the still waters. But You lead us to the places of your provision. Under Your protection, we are safe, regardless of who else is present. In Your provision, we are filled. You are the Good Shepherd; please help us to recognize Your voice. Please help us increase our trust in You, to rest in Your care and the work You finished on our behalf. Let us take a place at the table You prepare for us. And while we’re in Your presence, teach us how to dismiss the enemy’s intimidation, accusations, and mockery. Oh, Father God, please help us rest in You and not fear the shadow because You are with us. In the name of Jesus. Amen

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