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Friday -- April 15

—Read John 19:30 ESV

[Jesus] said, “It is finished,” and he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

Three words.

It. Is. Finished.

All the work of salvation culminated in this man we call Jesus. The purpose for which Immanuel came was fulfilled. Notice that Jesus doesn’t fling his head back in defiance, doesn’t rail, and doesn’t blame. He bows his head—surrendered fully to God’s will. As impatient Roman soldiers waited, rigid Jewish leaders mocked, and grieving women wept, Jesus gave up his spirit. No one took it from him. He didn’t lose it. He didn’t forfeit it. No one stole it. No, his last act as a man, as the new Adam, was to release his spirit to finish the work of salvation.

I often forget that it is Jesus who declared the work of salvation finished. Sometimes, I think I must add something to be in right standing with God. There are rules I have to follow (to the letter). Things I should and shouldn’t do. Read the Bible enough (what is enough?). Pray enough (how long is enough?). Repent enough (how much is enough?).

But our post-its, addendums, and footnotes can’t add anything to what God has done through Jesus.

· What are you trying to add to Jesus’ it is finished?

· What do you need to allow Jesus to declare “finished” in your life?

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