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Herod—another person in the narrative of Jesus’ birth whose heart was troubled.

Impressive visitors arrive unannounced in Jerusalem. Whispering through the streets is the word that these wise men have made a startling claim. A new king of the Jews has been born. Herod’s heart is troubled (along with everyone else in the city). He made inquiries gathered information. His blood pressure rose, and his heart pounded in his chest. He spoke with the foreign visitors. His troubled heart asked them to find this new king and to return to Herod with the information of this new king’s location so He could go and worship him also.

  • · Why was Herod’s heart troubled?

  • · What passions drove Herod’s heart?

  • · Why does the presence and purpose of the wise men unsettle Herod?

  • · Herod misleads and lies to the wise men. Why?

  • · Herod reacts to the news and the situation rather than responds.

  • · When your position is threatened, do you react or respond?

o When you receive unsettling news—do you react or respond?

o When your husband questions your parenting skills—do you react or respond?

o When your friend points out an error or misstep—do you react or respond?

o When the Spirit points out your sin—do you react or respond?

o Offer your answers to God, and then listen to what He has to say.

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