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Read Zephaniah 3:17 (ESV)

This week, through the participants of the Advent of Christ, we considered the essential value of joy in our lives. Joy is a thread that wefts through the narrative of salvation from beginning to end.

Read the words of the prophet Zephaniah. Again. Here are words of GOOD NEWS! God, the Mighty Warrior, is in our midst. Immanuel. He brought forth his salvation through Jesus. And here comes the joy. In this one verse, three words have roots and cognates in the idea of joy. Zephaniah, the prophet, declares that God is singing over us in joy. The Mighty Warrior exults over us with LOUD singing.

Today, consider this good news that God sees you, and joy manifests. Our mighty God sings over YOU. With joy.

  • Hard to believe? Do you have a mental list formed of why He shouldn’t, couldn’t, be singing over you with joy?

  • Release the list to Him.

  • Ask Him to enable you to hear His LOUD singing.

  • ·Ask Him to help you hear the words He is singing over you.

  • ·Ask Him to empower you to understand the joy He has toward you.

  • And may you be quieted by His love.

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