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Thursday -- February 10th

Read Luke 15:21-24 ESV

He’s home! Glory to God! Our boy is home!

Do you remember that carefully constructed speech the younger son decided to offer his father? After the prodigal confesses his sin, the father interrupts his speech and just cuts the son’s words right off. The father turns to the gawking servants and gives specific directions.

The words the son planned are swallowed, gone. The father doesn’t even turn and ask him, “What were you going to say?” This good father knew what the boy would say, and he was ahead of him.

Let’s consider what the father tells the servants to do.

Bring the best robe and put it on him—clothe this boy like he’s mine.

Put a ring on his finger—put my authority on his finger. Joseph received the Pharaoh’s ring and new linen clothes when he was established as the vizier, second in command of Egypt (Genesis 41:42).

Put shoes on his feet—symbols of being a son or daughter in the household.

Kill the fattened calf—no tough mutton today. Bring out the good stuff. This is what we’ve been saving it for.

Let’s celebrate—here’s a reason to shout! The boy I thought dead is returned to life. We are going to dance in joy.

The father treats the prodigal boy like the son that he is. And Jesus’ listeners are baffled.


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