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Lynnie’s Lessons—New Garments (Last post of this series)

After Lynnie’s physical reconstruction, her old dress and underclothes were ill-fitting, faded, and no longer suitable. I knew she had to have new clothes. Lynnie fits no standard scale in the doll world; therefore, all the patterns for her small clothes had to be hand drawn, every pattern piece measured and tailored to fit her. I searched through my stash of fabrics and trims to find something suitable. A snowy white handkerchief, elegantly trimmed in lace, became her new undergarments. Another tea-dyed vintage handkerchief became her petticoat. Her dress was created from the small calico print with seed bead buttons sewn on the bodice and fiddly lace at her cuffs. Each piece was hand sewn with tiny stitches that sometimes required the aid of a magnifying lamp.

I sent a photo of Lynnie in her finery to my friend, and she commented that Lynnie was beautiful

like a bride.

I considered my friend’s words as I held Lynnie in my hands, straightening and smoothing her new garments.

Before I hear the Word, I see the picture.

When we are transformed in Christ, we are given new garments and our worn, ragged, and filthy clothes can be thrown away. This isn’t just religious talk and jargon. This is the graciously beautiful part of life in Christ—to be clothed in Christ. We are called to PUT ON Christ, sink and settle into Him.

At one time, like my little clay doll before me, I stood naked before God. Naked.

But God does not leave us naked for long. He understands our need to be covered. In love and grace, He clothes us in hand-sewn garments, whiter than snow and appropriate for wedding attire—the garments of salvation.

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Love the visual of transformation with Lynnie. Helps to "see" and grasp the full meaning of God's work in our lives.

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