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Friday-- May 27th

—Read Romans 16:1-16 ESV

As I mentioned in a Taste of Honey post, Paul and I were not friends during the first couple of decades of my faith. But the closing of this letter to the Believers in Rome garnered my attention, and Paul’s words to this varied and sundry group of people continue to speak to my heart.

Paul and his scribe Tertius used valuable space on the papyrus to pen short messages to particular people. When we read these personal greetings, we hear the depth of Paul’s love, and we gain a sense of who they were and an even clearer vision of who Paul was.

· Which greeting(s) garner(s) your attention?

· What surprising detail do you learn about Paul?

· What do these greetings tell you about the church at Rome?

· What is a prayer you could pray for yourself and for others from these greetings?

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